University of Waterloo

Assessing the quality of food products using AI Description

Kesha Bodawala

June 9, 2023, 11:30 am EC-2041A

This week’s VIP seminar will feature P&P Optica ( a Waterloo company that specializes in chemical imaging with an emphasis on the food processing industry. 

Summary :

Before food is served on a plate, it usually goes through an inspection process using X-rays and metal detectors to make sure it’s safe to eat. But how can AI be used in the food processing industry to improve safety and quality?  In this talk, you’ll learn how P&P Optica applies machine learning models to the food processing industry. Kesha Bodawala, Model Development Lead, will explain how the food processing industry is a constantly changing environment. You’ll also hear about the challenges that come with applying this technology to an uncontrollable environment.