University of Waterloo

Awards and Recognitions

Our people

Nick Torenvliet and Yizhe Liu2nd place in the Ultrasound Dataset ChallengePhD, MASc2023CVPR 2023 workshop on Deep Learning in Ultrasound Image Analysis
David ClausiFellow of the Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association (FAAIA)Professor2022Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association
David ClausiFellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (FCAE)Professor2022Canadian Academy of Engineering
Nicholas PellegrinoAlumni Gold MedalMASc2022University of Waterloo
Amir-Hossein KarimiAlumni Gold MedalMMath2018University of Waterloo
Robert AmelardAlumni Gold MedalPhD2017University of Waterloo
Audrey ChungAlumni Gold MedalMASc2016University of Waterloo
Jeffrey GlaisterAlumni Gold MedalMASc2013University of Waterloo
David ClausiEngineering Research Excellence AwardProfessor2012Faculty of Engineering, University of Waterloo
Alexander WongAlumni Gold MedalPhD2010University of Waterloo
David ClausiResearch Excellence and Service to the Research Community AwardProfessor2010Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society (CIPPRS)
David ClausiTeaching Excellence AwardProfessor2005Sanford Fleming Foundation, Faculty of Engineering
Alexander WongAI Leader of the year (Nominated)Professor20184th Annual Candian FinTech & AI Awards
Alexander WongOutstanding Performance Award Professor2018University of Waterloo
Alexander WongMillennium Technology Prize (Nominated)Professor 2018Technology Academy Finland
Alexander WongE.W.R Steacie Memorial Fellowship (Nominated)Professor2017Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Alexander WongAquaHacking 2017 Challenge First Place AwardProfessor 2017de Gasp Beaubien Foundation
Alexander WongYoung Engineer Award (Nominated)Professor2017Professional Engineers Ontario
Alexander WongNewport Research Excellence AwardProfessor2017SPIE Photonics West
Alexander WongDistinguished Performance AwardProfessor2016University of Waterloo
Alexander WongSandford Fleming Teaching Excellence AwardProfessor2015Sandford Fleming Foundation
Alexander WongOutstanding Performance AwardProfessor2015University of Waterloo
Alexander WongSteacie Prize for Natural Sciences (Nominated)Professor2015E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fund
Alexander WongNorman Edmund Inspiration AwardProfessor2014Edmund Optics
Alexander WongCanada Research Chair Tier IIProfessor2013Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Alexander WongEarly Researcher AwardProfessor2012Ministry of Research and Innovation
Alexander WongEngineering Faculty Research AwardProfessor2012University of Waterloo
Alexander WongOutstanding Performance AwardProfessor2012University of Waterloo
Alexander WongMicrosoft Research Faculty Fellowship (Nominated)Professor2012Microsoft Corp.
Alexander WongNSERC Postdoctoral FellowshipPostdoctoral Research Fellow2010Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Alexander WongAlumni Gold Medal (Top Ranking Doctoral Graduate)PhD2010University of Waterloo
Alexander WongBest Oral Presentation AwardPhD2010University of Waterloo Graduate Research Conference
Alexander WongCarl A. Pollock Postgraduate FellowshipPhD2009University of Waterloo
Alexander WongAnnual Conference Travel GrantPhD2009GEOIDE (GEOmatics for Informed DEcisions) Network
Alexander WongNSERC Doctoral Postgraduate ScholarshipPhD2007Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Alexander WongPresident’s Graduate ScholarshipPhD2007University of Waterloo
Alexander WongNSERC Industrial Postgraduate ScholarshipMASc2005Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Alexander WongFaculty of Engineering Graduate ScholarshipPhD2007University of Waterloo
Alexander WongUniversity of Waterloo Graduate ScholarshipPhD2007University of Waterloo

Our papers

  • Voted one of the top three papers at MaCVi.  Chen, X., Scott, K.A., Jiang, M., Fang, Y., Xu, L., and Clausi, D.A. (2023) Sea ice classification with dual-polarized SAR imagery: a hierarchical pipeline. Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) Workshops, 1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision, pp. 224-232.
  • Best Student Poster Award.  Radhakrishnan K., Lee P. Q., Sankar V., Scott K.A., Clausi D.A., Xu L., “Automated Whale Detection from Airborne Optical Imagery along Eastern Canadian Arctic”. 40th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing & Geomatics Atlantic, June 4-6 2019.
  • Best Student Paper Award. Neher, H., Fani, M., Clausi, D.A., Wong, A.. Zelek, J. (2017) Pose estimation Proof players in hockey videos using deep learning. 3rd Annual Hockey Analytics Conference¸ May 6. Ottawa, ON. 
  • Top 10% Award for a conference paper presented at International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) 2014. Kasiri, K., Fieguth, P., and Clausi, D.A. “Cross Modality Label Fusion in Multi-Atlas Segmentation”. Awarded based on reviewer scores and recommendations.
  • Conference Best Paper Award: Chwyl, B., Chung, A.G., Wong, A., and Clausi, D.A., Remote heart rate measurement through broadband video via stochastic Bayesian estimation”, Journal of Computational Vision and Imaging Systems. 1(1) p. VL109, 2015.
  • Conference Best Paper Award: Wong, A., Clausi, D.A., and Fieguth, P. (2009) Adaptive Monte Carlo retinex method for illumination and reflectance separation and color image enhancement. 5th Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, May 25-27.
  • Best Student Paper Award: Gignac, C., Gauthier, Y. Bernier, M., Clausi, D.A. (2011) SAR sea-ice classification of neighborhood of Nunavik marine infrastructures using RADARSAT-2. Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions, Technical Topic: Remote Sensing in Ice. July 10-14, Montreal, Canada
  • Best Paper Award: David Abou Chacra and John S. Zelek, The Topology and Language of Relationships in the Visual Genome Dataset. at 1st Workshop on Vision Datasets Understanding, 2022
  • Best Vision Paper Award: Zobeir Raisi, John S. Zelek, Occluded Text Detection and Recognition in the Wild, 2022 IEEE/IAPRS Computer & Robot Vision conf. 2022.
  • Best Paper Award: A. Singh, S. Sengupta, J.J. Balaji, V. Jayakumar, M.A. Rasheed, J.S. Zelek, V. Lakshminarayanan, “What is the optimal attribution method for explainable ophthalmic disease classification”, in International Workshop on Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis, Springer 2020.
  • 2011 IEEE/IAPRS Computer & Robot Vision conf. Best Paper Award: Guanghui Wang and John Zelek “Spatial and Temporal Weighted Structure from Motion” at the 8th Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision, May, 2011, St. John, NF.
  • The IAPR Best Paper award for CRV 2007: Ehsan Fazl Ersi and John S. Zelek “Local Graph Matching for Object Category Recognition.” at the 4th Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision, May 28-30, 2007, Montreal, Quebec.