University of Waterloo

Category: Ph.D.

  • Shuhrat Ochilov

  • Li Shen

    Li Shen

    My research is focused on pattern recognition and machine learning theory and algorithms to make an optimal decision such as identifying or classifying objects in remote sensing (RS) imageries for natural disaster reduction. Currently, I’m mainly concentrating on how to apply the probabilistic topic models to conduct semantc analysis on RS imageries.

  • Shimon Schwartz

    Shimon Schwartz

    My research interests are in the fields of image processing, machine learning and computer vision with an emphasis on Compressive Sensing for efficient signal acquisition.

  • Justin Eichel

    Justin Eichel

    Ultra High Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography (UHROCT) Reconstruction, Corneal Imaging, Tracking Systems, Controls, Statistical Modelling, Systems Integration, Real-Time Communications, Computational Intelligence.

  • Chenyi Liu

    Chenyi Liu

    My research interests are in the fields of remote sensing, image sparse representation and compressed sensing. I am now most interested in the techonology of using sparse representation algorithm to do image denoising, super-resolution, and medical image reconsruction, etc.

  • Daniel S. Cho

    Daniel S. Cho

    My research interests are in image processing, medical image registration and reconstruction and I am currently working on computer-aided melanoma (one type of skin cancer) diagnosis through the modeling of physiological characteristics of skin lesions using multi-spectral imagery.

  • Jiange Grace Liu

    Jiange Grace Liu

    I’m interested in the fields of image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition and related areas. My current researches are both in biomedical imaging and remote sensing.

  • Lei Wang

    Lei Wang

    My research interests lie in the area of data assimilation and large scale satellite image classification and mapping.