University of Waterloo

Category: Computer Vision for Autonomous Robots

  • Shahid Haider

    Shahid Haider

    I am very interested in spectropolarimetric optical imaging techniques and utilizing them for medical purposes. I have extended interests as well in medical image processing and analysis, in particular with prostate MRI.

  • Devinder Kumar

    Devinder Kumar

    I develop computer vision tools to analyze Image data. This includes object identification/classification, motion tracking and mobile robot vision.

  • Shimon Schwartz

    Shimon Schwartz

    My research interests are in the fields of image processing, machine learning and computer vision with an emphasis on Compressive Sensing for efficient signal acquisition.

  • Christian Scharfenberger

    Christian Scharfenberger

    My research interests are in the fields of computer vision, image processing, and pattern recognition with an emphasis on saliency computation, camera calibration and stereo vision. I am particularly interested in practical applications of computer vision and image processing methods to problems in robotics and driver assistance systems.

  • Computer Vision for Autonomous Robots

    Computer Vision for Autonomous Robots

    Exploration is an important and active area of research in field robotics, as vehicles capable of autonomous exploration have the potential to significantly impact a wide range of applications such as search and rescue operations, environmental monitoring, and planetary exploration. Such autonomous exploration capabilities are desirable for Lunar and Martian missions as tele-operation becomes cumbersome…