University of Waterloo

Category: Image Segmentation/Classification

  • Huawu (Gordon) Deng

    Huawu (Gordon) Deng

    My research interests are in image processing (texture modeling, image classification, image segmentation, image retrieval), computer vision, pattern recognition, and remote sensing data analysis.

  • Xuezhi (Bruce) Yang

    Xuezhi (Bruce) Yang

    My research interests are primarily in the fields of image processing and pattern recognition, specifically on the topics of image denoising, image segmentation and discriminative feature extraction. I am also interested in automated interpretation of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery and automated visual inspection system.

  • Kai (Alex) Qin

    Kai (Alex) Qin

    My research interests include pattern recognition, image processing, computer vision, machine learning, evolutionary computation, remote sensing data analysis, biometrics and bioinformatics.

  • Zhijie Wang

    Zhijie Wang

    My current research focuses on Image Processing and Computer Vision, or more specifically, automated image and video analysis through detection, tracking and segmentation methods.

  • Christian Scharfenberger

    Christian Scharfenberger

    My research interests are in the fields of computer vision, image processing, and pattern recognition with an emphasis on saliency computation, camera calibration and stereo vision. I am particularly interested in practical applications of computer vision and image processing methods to problems in robotics and driver assistance systems.

  • Image Segmentation/Classification

    Image Segmentation/Classification

    Extracting information from a digital image often depends on first identifying desired objects or breaking down the image into homogenous regions (a process called ‘segmentation’) and then assigning these objects to particular classes (a process called ‘classification’). This is a fundamental part of computer vision, combining image processing and pattern recognition techniques.

  • Alexander Wong

    Alexander Wong

    My research interests lie in the field of artificial intelligence and computational imaging, with a focus on scalable and explainable deep learning and computational biomedical imaging systems.

  • Paul Fieguth

    Paul Fieguth

    My research interests are in the area of accelerated computational methods applied to large statistical problems in image processing, computer vision, and remote sensing.

  • David Clausi

    David Clausi

    My research interests are in the fields of computer vision, image processing, and pattern recognition with an emphasis on the automated interpretation of SAR (synthetic aperture radar) and biomedical imagery. I am an active interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary researcher, publishing refereed journal and conference papers in the diverse fields of remote sensing, computer vision, algorithm design,…