University of Waterloo

Entrepreneurship – Lessons Learned

Dave Caputo, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO Trusscore

Apr 8, 2022, 11:30am EC4-2101A

Dave Caputo is a serial entrepreneur with a lifelong dislike for painted drywall and is committed to disrupting the building materials industry by bringing to market better performing, more sustainable solutions — the solutions produced everyday by Trusscore. Dave is the former CEO and co-founder of technology company Sandvine and navigated a CDN $562-million exit in 2017. He is board chair of Communitech, a public-private partnership that helps technology companies start up and grow. He additionally sits on the board of technology companies DOZR and Aterlo Networks. Dave has a B.A. in computer science from York University and an MBA from the University of Toronto.

Dave will lead an informal discussion about examining cascading circumstance and imminent changes with potential emerging opportunities; AKA – the fundamental shifts that were occurring that made PixStream, Sandvine and Trusscore possible.