University of Waterloo

Fernando J. Pena Cantu

M.A.Sc. 2023

Hi! My name is Fernando J. Pena Cantu and I am a MASc student with the VIP Lab’s Remote Sensing Group. My current research focuses on investigating the relationship between textural features and the incidence angle in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery for sea ice classification. This topic has important implications for understanding the effects of SAR imaging parameters on sea ice detection and classification.

I am also involved in research on deep learning for sea ice segmentation and small object detection for whale surveying.

My research interests span a variety of topics in remote sensing, including synthetic aperture radar, textural features, deep learning, sea ice segmentation, domain adaptation, feature selection, and diffusion models. I am excited to continue exploring these areas and contributing to the advancement of remote sensing technologies.


David Clausi, Andrea Scott
Research interests
My current research interest are: Remote Sensing , Synthetic Aperture Radar, Textural Features, Deep Learning, Sea Ice Segmentation, Domain Adaptation, Feature Selection, Diffusion Models