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Idée Inc


About the Company

Idée Inc. develops advanced image identification and visual search software. Their technology looks at the patterns and pixels of images and videos to make each image or frame searchable by colour, similarity or exact duplicate.

Idée’s image recognition software includes PixID, the world’s only automated image monitoring service for printed publications. PixID analyzes client image collections and actively tracks where their images appear in magazines and newspapers. Idée’s proprietary software creates a digital fingerprint for each client image and compares it to print publication images. PixID provides clients with daily online reports detailing exactly where and how their images have been used. PixID helps editorial, celebrity and entertainment photography firms to accurately track image usage and automate their image licensing billing. Idée’s image search solutions are the foundation for some of the world’s leading imaging firms, including Adobe Systems Inc., and the most widely adopted solutions in the digital media industry.