University of Waterloo

Jerrin Bright


Jerrin Bright is a Master’s student in the Department of Systems Design Engineering, working under the supervision of Prof. John Zelek. He is a member of the Sports Analytics Research Group at the Vision and Image Processing Lab. Jerrin’s primary research focus is on developing robust 3D human pose estimation approaches for the quantitative analysis of baseball players. His joint work with the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball (MLB) aims to improve player performance, enable better strategic decision-making, and aid in injury prevention using the estimated 3D poses of baseball players.

In addition, Jerrin is concurrently working towards effective unique player identification and multi-view tracking of players for ice-hockey sports using low-resolution broadcast videos with occlusion and motion blur.


John Zelek
Research interests
Jerrin’s research interests include human pose estimation, action recognition, unique player identification, camera perspective projections, and 3D modelling using monocular images.