University of Waterloo

Kurtis McBride

M.A.Sc. 2007

Kurtis McBride

Kurtis McBride completed his BASc (2004) and MASc (2007) in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. During his MASc, he conducted research in the VIP lab building algorithms to interpret the movement of vehicles through a traffic intersection in a digital video. This work was successful and transferred by Kurtis to his spinoff company, Miovision Technologies Incorporated, which now specializes in video analytics in the traffic data collection industry. Kurtis is not only one of the founders, but he remains as the original CEO. Now based in adjacent Kitchener, Ontario, Miovision continues to grow and generate revenue under Kurtis’ leadership.

Research interests
My research interests include a stochastic framework for vehicle tracking and track identification in environments of strong occlusion and clutter.
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