University of Waterloo

Linlin Xu

Postdoctoral Fellow 2016

I am a post-doc in Vision and Image Processing Lab, working with professors David Clausi, Alexander Wong, Fan Li, and Steven Leigh, on machine learning, intelligent remote sensing analytics and environmental monitoring.

I recieved my PhD degree in Geography in 2014 from Department of Geography and Environment Management, University of Waterloo. I achieved my Master in 2010 and Bachelor degrees in 2007, both in geomatics engineering, from China University of Geosciences (Beijing). 

Research interests
My research interests lie broadly in the following aspects: (1) SAR, PolSAR data processing and the associated applications, particularly in ocean environment monitoring; (2) Hyperspectral and multispectral unmixing, classification, segmentation, feature extraction, and the associated applications; (3) Quantitative and computational methods in remote sensing and other geospatial application, spatial-multivariate data modeling and mining, quantitative remote sensing, image processing & computer vision, GIS, WebGIS; (4) GPS and InSAR data processing with the application in subside monitoring and DEM production; (5) Airborne, mobile, and terrestrial laser scanning mapping for land observation and 3D object modelling.
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