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Nicholas Pellegrino

Nicholas Pellegrino is a doctoral student in Systems Design Engineering, supervised by Prof. Paul Fieguth and associated with the Vision and Image Processing (VIP) Lab and the Statistical Image Processing (SIP) Lab. His main research focus is on machine vision, specifically object recognition. In support of the BIOSCAN program, associated with the International Barcode of Life project, Nicholas has undertaken the task of taxonomic order-level insect image classification. Broadly, this research will enable a far more extensive and detailed understanding of global biodiversity and the interactions between species and ecosystems.

During his master’s degree (also in Systems Design Engineering), Nicholas was associated with PhotoMedicine Labs, and was co-supervised by Dr. Parsin Haji Reza and Prof. Paul Fieguth. His main research contributions were in the areas of signal processing, multi-spectral unmixing, and chromophore-selective PARS® imaging with applications in PARS histology and ophthalmology. From his master’s, Nicholas was awarded the Alumni Gold Medal, which recognizes the top graduating master’s student across the whole university for their academic achievement.

Nicholas graduated from Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo in 2019, completed his master’s degree with PhotoMedicine labs in 2022, and now is completing a PhD at the Vision and Image Processing lab.

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