University of Waterloo

Student seminars

Neil Brubacher, Yahao Chen

Nov 3, 2023, 11:30 am, EC4-2101A

*** 11:30am Presenter: Neil Brubacher ***

Automatic Detection of Polynyas in SAR Imagery:

Landfast sea ice is relied upon for winter travel and sustenance hunting in many communities across the Canadian Arctic. Openings in the ice caused by shifting currents and winds present travel safety hazards, and are becoming less predictable as the Arctic warms at a rate faster than the global average. The growing availability of high-resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery offers opportunities to monitor community-scale ice conditions from space at high temporal resolutions. This presentation will showcase novel research that seeks to automate the detection of polynyas (areas of open water in landfast ice) from dual-polarized SAR imagery, with an emphasis on the small-object detection methods being leveraged against an original dataset of extremely small, sparse targets.

*** 12 pm Presenter: Yuhao Chen ***

Best Practices for Reviewing Conference Papers – Prep for CVIS Reviewing:

This seminar will equip participants the skills and best practices to write impactful and constructive reviews for the Annual Conference on Vision and Intelligent Systems (CVIS). We will explore the key components that make a review stand out, and understand the expectations of the CVIS committee. This session offers a guide to ensuring your reviews are both effective and valuable to authors and the broader research community.