University of Waterloo

Tag: Ph.D. Grad Date: 2011

  • Ying Liu

    Ying Liu

    My research interests lie in multidimensional signal processing, statistical modeling, and machine learning. My work is focused on the developing methodology and application algorithms for multivariate data analysis, multiresolution representation and estimation, in particular, for image and video processing, remote sensing and scientific sensing data modeling and analysis.

  • Amir H. Shabani

    Amir H. Shabani

    My main research interests are in the field of computer vision, pattern recognition, and machine learning for video analytics with the focus on human tracking and event/activity recognition in video. I developed several algorithms for image and video analysis including detection and tracking of humans in video, motion estimation, multi-resolution video processing, biologically-inspired spatio-temporal filtering,…

  • Li Liu

    Li Liu

    Her current research interests include computer vision, texture analysis, pattern recognition and image processing.