University of Waterloo

Category: Ph.D.

  • Jinman (Eddie) Park

    Jinman (Eddie) Park

    Jinman (Eddie) Park is a doctoral student in Systems Design Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Paul Fieguth and Prof. David Clausi. His thesis work is on superpixel salient object detection supported by Microsoft Office Media Group to perceive images in an abstract way. He is also involved with various other research areas such as…

  • Mohsen Ghanbari

    Ph.D. 2021

  • Nicholas Pellegrino

    Nicholas Pellegrino

    Nicholas Pellegrino is a doctoral student in Systems Design Engineering, supervised by Prof. Paul Fieguth and associated with the Vision and Image Processing (VIP) Lab and the Statistical Image Processing (SIP) Lab. His main research focus is on machine vision, specifically object recognition. In support of the BIOSCAN program, associated with the International Barcode of…

  • Javier Noa Turnes

    Javier Noa Turnes

    Javier Noa Turnes is a PhD candidate in Systems Design Engineering, supervised by Prof. David A. Clausi and Prof Linlin Xu. His main research field is machine learning on remote sensing applications. He is currently dedicated to sea ice classification using Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery and passive microwave data, studying the inclusion of large contextual…

  • Shahid Haider

    Shahid Haider

    I am very interested in spectropolarimetric optical imaging techniques and utilizing them for medical purposes. I have extended interests as well in medical image processing and analysis, in particular with prostate MRI.

  • Henry A. Leopold

    Henry A. Leopold

    Henry is conducting a joint PhD in Systems Design Engineering and Vision Sciences, under the supervision of John Zelek and Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan. His research is on self-supervised reinforcement learning for robotic control.

  • Audrey Chung

    Audrey Chung

    My research interests include image processing and computer vision, with specific emphasis on biomedical imaging. My current research primarily focuses on computer-aided prostate cancer detection and grading via multi-parametric MRI. Other projects include lung nodule segmentation, video photoplethysmography, and illumination-robust feature detection.

  • Ian Kennedy

    Ian Kennedy

    I am a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Professor Paul Fieguth. My research is on graph mapping and similarity.

  • Andre Carrington

    Andre Carrington

    My research applies computers to analysis and optimization problems in healthcare, with a focus on cancer. This involves pattern recognition, statistical machine learning, health informatics, signal & image processing and other disciplines.

  • Elnaz Barshan

    Elnaz Barshan

    My research interests lie in the area of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Cognitive Science. I am especially interested in developing new Machine Learning algorithms for analyzing structures in massive data sources as well as learning predictive models based on those structures. Besides this, I am researching about the functionality of human visual system and…