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  • Amir Nazemi

    The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real. Lucian Freud Amir has years of experience in machine learning, computer vision and has been a part of multiple interdisciplinary teams, including a research lab in Korea, a joint research project with Microsoft, and a collaboration with the…

  • Xinwei Chen

    Xinwei Chen

    I am a Postdoc in Vision and Image Processing Lab, working on computer vision, machine learning, ocean observation and remote sensing projects.

  • Yuhao Chen

    Yuhao Chen

    Yuhao’s research has been focused on developing computer vision and artificial intelligence solutions for industrial applications, specifically in the fields of precision health and precision manufacturing. He currently leads projects in food image analysis, medical imaging for covid, efficient Neural Radience Field, data augmentation using diffusion models for food and cancer images, 3d human pose…

  • Linlin Xu

    Linlin Xu

    I am a Research Assistant ProfessorĀ in Vision and Image Processing Lab, working on AI, machine learning, Earth Observation and Environmental Remote Sensing projects.