University of Waterloo

Category: Enhanced Low-dose Computed Tomography

  • Andrew Cameron

    Andrew Cameron

    I’m interested in automating and supporting complex reasoning tasks, including through applications of pattern classification, statistical modelling, image processing and computer vision, but also through data visualization, dimensionality reduction, and related techniques.

  • Dorothy Lui

    Dorothy Lui

    I am passionate about image processing and pattern recognition, particularly in applications in biomedical imaging. My current research involves developing new algorithms to automate segmentation of particular features in biomedical images.

  • Daniel S. Cho

    Daniel S. Cho

    My research interests are in image processing, medical image registration and reconstruction and I am currently working on computer-aided melanoma (one type of skin cancer) diagnosis through the modeling of physiological characteristics of skin lesions using multi-spectral imagery.

  • Enhanced Low-dose Computed Tomography

    Enhanced Low-dose Computed Tomography

    Low-dose CT is a more desirable alternative however it has reduced signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and streaking artifacts that make diagnosis and visualization difficult. This work proposes a reconstruction approach called Spatially Adaptive Monte Carlo Reconstruction (SAMCR) that corrects for the non-stationary noise in low-dose CT using a spatially-adaptive approach.

  • Alexander Wong

    Alexander Wong

    My research interests lie in the field of artificial intelligence and computational imaging, with a focus on scalable and explainable deep learning and computational biomedical imaging systems.