University of Waterloo

Category: Multiplexed Optical High-coherence Interferometry

  • Farnoud Kazemzadeh

    Farnoud Kazemzadeh

    Design, build, and application of scientific multispectroscopic, hyperspectroscopic, and interferometric imaging systems for various sensing applications: up-looking (astronomy) and down-looking (space instrumentation, Earth sciences, biomedicine, security, military).

  • Multiplexed Optical High-coherence Interferometry

    Multiplexed Optical High-coherence Interferometry

    Depth Profilometry involves the measurement of the depth profile of objects, and has significant potential for various industrial applications that benefit from non-destructive sub-surface profiling such as defect detection, corrosion assessment, and dental assessment to name a few. We have devised and introduced a new sensing modality for depth profilometry using an Multiplexed Optical High-coherence…

  • Alexander Wong

    Alexander Wong

    My research interests lie in the field of artificial intelligence and computational imaging, with a focus on scalable and explainable deep learning and computational biomedical imaging systems.