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Category: BIOSCAN Insect Biodiversity Assessment

  • BIOSCAN Insect Biodiversity Assessment

    BIOSCAN Insect Biodiversity Assessment

    BIOSCAN’s global biodiversity assessment aims to comprehensively catalog living organisms worldwide, encompassing the intricate tapestry of insect biodiversity. As a fundamental component of global ecosystems, insects contribute significantly to pollination, nutrient cycling, and overall ecosystem stability, embodying a remarkable diversity of species. In pursuit of this goal, a meticulously curated collection exceeding one million hand-labelled…

  • Zahra Gharaee

    Zahra Gharaee

    As a seasoned senior research scientist, I bring expertise in computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to the forefront of my work. My research endeavours centre around pioneering subjects, including advanced image processing and video analysis, representation learning, action recognition, autonomous systems and graph convolutional neural networks. GoogleScholar LinkedIn ORCiD Github

  • Paul Fieguth

    Paul Fieguth

    My research interests are in the area of accelerated computational methods applied to large statistical problems in image processing, computer vision, and remote sensing.