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Category: Sports Analytics

  • Vasyl Chomko

    Vasyl Chomko

    Master of Applied Science student in the Systems Design Engineering program, supervised by Prof. David Clausi and Prof. Alex Wong. He is part of the Sports Analytics group. Currently, his research focuses on object segmentation and key point detection in low-resolution videos.

  • Ken M. Nsiempba

    Ken M. Nsiempba

    Ken is a PhD student, he teaches computers how to interpret ice hockey games events by improving player tracking, action recognition and play detection.

  • Kanav Vats

    Kanav Vats

    Kanav was a PhD Candidate at the University of Waterloo, supervised by Prof. David Clausi and Prof. John Zelek. He worked on computer vision-based sports analytics, with a focus on problems such as player tracking, player identification, event detection, and pose estimation.

  • Mehrnaz Fani

    Mehrnaz Fani

    My research interests are mainly in AI and machine learning, particularly deep learning and computer vision. I am especially interested in working with video and image data and designing novel solutions to address the real-world problems.

  • Bavesh Balaji

    Bavesh Balaji

    Bavesh Balaji is a MASc student in the Systems Design Engineering department, working under the supervision of Prof. David Clausi and Prof. Sirisha Rambhatla

  • Jerrin Bright

    Jerrin Bright

    Jerrin Bright is a Master’s student in the Department of Systems Design Engineering, working under the supervision of Prof. John Zelek. He is a member of the Sports Analytics Research Group at the Vision and Image Processing Lab. Jerrin’s primary research focus is on developing robust 3D human pose estimation approaches for the quantitative analysis…

  • Marjan Shahi

    Marjan Shahi

    A Ph.D. student interested in Sports Analytics

  • Jason (Jia Cheng) Shang

    I am a MASc student in Systems Design Engineering at the VIP Lab. My current research is homography estimation for the purpose of sports analytics, and also involves other fields such as semantic segmentation and domain adaptation. Email:

  • Pascale Walters

    Pascale Walters

    Pascale was a M.A.Sc. student in the VIP Lab focused on hockey game video homography.

  • Sports Analytics

    Sports Analytics

    Sports Analytics is a growing field in computer vision that analyzes visual cues from images to provide statistical data on players, teams, and games. Want to know how a player’s technique improves the quality of the team? Can a team, based on their defensive position, increase their chances to the finals? These are a few…