University of Waterloo

Category: Video Analysis

  • Mohamed Naiel

    Mohamed Naiel

    Iā€™m a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Systems Design Engineering Department, University of Waterloo, and Vision and Image Processing Lab, Waterloo, Canada. I did part of my research in human action recognition in videos, object detection and multi-object tracking. My research interests include signal, image and video processing, computer vision, machine learning and pattern recognition.

  • Jason (Jia Cheng) Shang

    I am a MASc student in Systems Design Engineering at the VIP Lab. My current research is homography estimation for the purpose of sports analytics, and also involves other fields such as semantic segmentation and domain adaptation. Email:

  • Jinman (Eddie) Park

    Jinman (Eddie) Park

    Jinman (Eddie) Park is a doctoral student in Systems Design Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Paul Fieguth and Prof. David Clausi. His thesis work is on superpixel salient object detection supported by Microsoft Office Media Group to perceive images in an abstract way. He is also involved with various other research areas such as…

  • Shahid Haider

    Shahid Haider

    I am very interested in spectropolarimetric optical imaging techniques and utilizing them for medical purposes. I have extended interests as well in medical image processing and analysis, in particular with prostate MRI.

  • Pascale Walters

    Pascale Walters

    Pascale was a M.A.Sc. student in the VIP Lab focused on hockey game video homography.

  • M. Javad Shafiee

    M. Javad Shafiee

    My research interests include Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Biomedical Image Processing while my main focus is on Graphical Models specially Conditional Random Fields and Markov Random Fields

  • Devinder Kumar

    Devinder Kumar

    I develop computer vision tools to analyze Image data. This includes object identification/classification, motion tracking and mobile robot vision.

  • Simon Booth

  • Mark Korhonen

    Mark Korhonen

    My main research interests are now in the video domain, including topics such as deinterlacing, compression, as well as software architecture and performance optimizations of deinterlacing/video compression on real-time embedded systems.

  • Kurtis McBride

    Kurtis McBride

    During his MASc, he conducted research in the VIP lab building algorithms to interpret the movement of vehicles through a traffic intersection in a digital video.