University of Waterloo

Category: Video Analysis

  • Natalie El-Nabbout

  • Fred Tung

    Fred Tung

    Fred’s research interests lie in computer vision, image processing, and pattern recognition; his current projects include image segmentation, motion estimation, and behaviour and scene analysis for intelligent surveillance. He is currently completing a PhD at the University of British Columbia.

  • Neil Cavan

    Neil Cavan

    My research interests include robotics and computer vision, specifically 3D reconstruction of unknown scenes and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for robotic vehicles.

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Abhishek Kumar

    My research interests are in the field of pattern recognition, robotics, and computer vision. My interests particularly revolves around practical applications like surveillance and object tracking.

  • Zohreh Azimifar

    Zohreh Azimifar

    Research interests include statistical learning of generative and discriminative models for massive data sources with particular attention in statistical computer vision and pattern recognition.

  • Qiyao Yu

    Qiyao Yu

    My research interests include image segmentation, remote sensing, and video analysis. I am currently working on fast and efficient algorithms on action recognition for video surveillance. I am also interested in simultaneous localization and mapping.

  • Akshaya Mishra

    Akshaya Mishra

    Akshaya has been working in the field of image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision for nine years. He has been publishing and serving as an reviewer for several key image processing and computer vision conferences and journals.

  • Ying Liu

    Ying Liu

    My research interests lie in multidimensional signal processing, statistical modeling, and machine learning. My work is focused on the developing methodology and application algorithms for multivariate data analysis, multiresolution representation and estimation, in particular, for image and video processing, remote sensing and scientific sensing data modeling and analysis.

  • Amir H. Shabani

    Amir H. Shabani

    My main research interests are in the field of computer vision, pattern recognition, and machine learning for video analytics with the focus on human tracking and event/activity recognition in video. I developed several algorithms for image and video analysis including detection and tracking of humans in video, motion estimation, multi-resolution video processing, biologically-inspired spatio-temporal filtering,…

  • Shelley Wang

    My research interests include stochastic graphical learning and modeling for large-scale networks and data mining and visualization, affective computing, image processing, computer vision, signal processing, femtocell networking, network control theory, wideband spectrum sensing, and dynamic spectrum access. My current focus is on efficient high-resolution, remote spatial biosignals measurements using video imaging for affective computing.