University of Waterloo

Category: Correlated Diffusion Imaging

  • Chi-en (Amy) Tai

    Chi-en (Amy) Tai

    Chi-en (Amy) Tai is a Master of Applied Science student in Systems Design Engineering, supervised by Professor Alexander Wong. She is part of the Cancer-Net initiative focused on cancer diagnosis and prognosis using medical imaging and computer vision. She is also part of the NutritionVerse initiative centered around personalized nutrition intervention and intake estimation.

  • Hayden Gunraj

    Hayden Gunraj

    Hayden Gunraj is a master’s student in Systems Design Engineering, supervised by Prof. Alexander Wong and associated with the Vision and Image Processing (VIP) Lab. His research focuses on medical image analysis, computational imaging, and explainable artificial intelligence.

  • Jeffrey Glaister

    Jeffrey Glaister

    My research interests are in the fields of pattern recognition and image processing, applied to biomedical imaging. I am interested in developing image processing algorithms to automate the analysis of medical images, such as those captured using MRI, X-ray or other modalities. Other work is in the area of novel video compression algorithms.

  • Andrew Cameron

    Andrew Cameron

    I’m interested in automating and supporting complex reasoning tasks, including through applications of pattern classification, statistical modelling, image processing and computer vision, but also through data visualization, dimensionality reduction, and related techniques.

  • Correlated Diffusion Imaging

    Correlated Diffusion Imaging

    We introduce a new form of diffusion magnetic resonance imaging called correlated diffusion imaging, where the tissue being imaged is characterized by the joint correlation of diffusion signal attenuation across multiple gradient pulse strengths and timings. By taking into account signal attenuation at different water diffusion motion sensitivities, correlated diffusion imaging can provide improved delineation…

  • Alexander Wong

    Alexander Wong

    My research interests lie in the field of artificial intelligence and computational imaging, with a focus on scalable and explainable deep learning and computational biomedical imaging systems.