University of Waterloo

Category: Biomedical Imaging

  • Keyvan Kasiri

    Keyvan Kasiri

    My research interests mainly lie in the fields of image processing and computer vision and problems related to pattern recognition, machine learning, biomedical signal and image analysis.

  • Ed Jernigan

    Ed Jernigan

    Recently, researchers in vision and image processing have developed quantitative models of both image formation and human perceptual performance which provide new insight into the form and function of image processing and pattern recognition tasks in vision. Research in image processing in Systems Design Engineering is part of an emerging effort to develop a coherent…

  • Devinder Kumar

    Devinder Kumar

    I develop computer vision tools to analyze Image data. This includes object identification/classification, motion tracking and mobile robot vision.

  • Shannon Puddister

    Shannon Puddister

    My research interests lie in image processing for medical applications. I am particularly interested in efforts to develop visual prosthetics.

  • Peter Iles

    Peter Iles

    Peter Iles focused his MASc research in the VIP research group on image processing and computer vision. His objective was the ability to automatically count cells in embryonic tissue.

  • Wen Zhang

    Wen Zhang

    My research interests include computer vision, 3D input devices, motion capture, and computer graphics for stereoscopic applications.

  • Shiva Zaboli

    Shiva Zaboli

    My research interests mainly lie in the areas of image processing and computer vision including steganography, digital image watermarking and medical image processing using statistical and digital signal processing methods. My current research focuses on investigation of hypoxia induced changes in the attenuation coefficient of the human cornea using ultrahigh resolution optical coherence tomography images.

  • Jeffrey Glaister

    Jeffrey Glaister

    My research interests are in the fields of pattern recognition and image processing, applied to biomedical imaging. I am interested in developing image processing algorithms to automate the analysis of medical images, such as those captured using MRI, X-ray or other modalities. Other work is in the area of novel video compression algorithms.

  • Andrew Cameron

    Andrew Cameron

    I’m interested in automating and supporting complex reasoning tasks, including through applications of pattern classification, statistical modelling, image processing and computer vision, but also through data visualization, dimensionality reduction, and related techniques.

  • Dorothy Lui

    Dorothy Lui

    I am passionate about image processing and pattern recognition, particularly in applications in biomedical imaging. My current research involves developing new algorithms to automate segmentation of particular features in biomedical images.