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  • Chang Liu

    Chang Liu

    Chang is a Master’s student in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo, co-supervised by Prof. Sirisha Rambhatla and Prof. Alex Wong. Chang’s research focus is on unsupervised domain adaptation in Computer Vision, with application to manufacturing and medical imaging.

  • Matthew Bradley

    Matthew Bradley

    Matthew Bradley is a Master’s student at the Department of Systems Design Engineering supervised by Dr. John Zelek. He works on Visual place recognition which is the ability of a camera system to detect when a previously seen location has been revisited. VPR is core to Simultaious Localization and Mapping and its use in mobile…

  • Peter Q. Lee

    Peter Q. Lee

    Peter Lee is currently a PhD student (2020 – ) supervised by Prof. Katja Mombaur and Prof. John Zelek. His research interests include optimal control, compliant control with force feedback, and visual servoing. He is currently working to automate the nasopharyngeal swab test using the collaborative Franka Emika 1 research arm.

  • The Airborne Cryosphere-Observing SAR System (CryoSAR): Airborne and Ground-based Observations of Terrestrial Snow and Lake Ice

    Prof. Richard Kelly, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, UWaterloo

  • Chi-en (Amy) Tai

    Chi-en (Amy) Tai

    Chi-en (Amy) Tai is a Master of Applied Science student in Systems Design Engineering, supervised by Professor Alexander Wong. She is part of the Cancer-Net initiative focused on cancer diagnosis and prognosis using medical imaging and computer vision. She is also part of the NutritionVerse initiative centered around personalized nutrition intervention and intake estimation.

  • Marjan Shahi

    Marjan Shahi

    A Ph.D. student interested in Sports Analytics

  • Peter Q. Lee

    Peter Q. Lee

    Peter is a former MASc student (2018-2020) who was supervised by Prof. David Clausi and Prof. Linlin Xu. His research focus was towards remote sensing images. In his thesis, he developed methods to improve the image quality of the Sentinel-1 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images over ocean regions. He also worked towards solving the problem…

  • Nicholas Pellegrino

    Nicholas Pellegrino

    Nicholas Pellegrino completed his master’s degree in Systems Design Engineering in 2022. He was associated with PhotoMedicine Labs and the Vision and Image Processing (VIP) Lab, and was co-supervised by Dr. Parsin Haji Reza and Prof. Paul Fieguth. His main research contributions were in the areas of signal processing, multi-spectral unmixing, and chromophore-selective PARS® imaging…

  • Linlin Xu

    Linlin Xu

    I am a post-doc in Vision and Image Processing Lab, working with professors David Clausi, Alexander Wong on machine learning, intelligent remote sensing analytics and environmental monitoring.